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We can live for weeks without food, a few days without water and only a few minutes without oxygen. Keep in mind the relative importance of these essential nutrients.

There are many branches of Yoga but a Jag Therapist places more emphasis on Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is not gymnastics. This branch of Yoga is a psychophysical discipline. Hatha Yoga is the Yoga that deals with the knowledge, development and balance of the energies that are and move within us; those are the energies that actually constitute our body and our mind. Yoga is a science and a very practical discipline.

The techniques developed in Hatha Yoga aim towards encompassing manís physical body and mind along with energy, the breathing and its rhythms.

The effects of a right way of breathing mean for the body, a correct oxygenation. The importance of a correct oxygenation on the whole organism and mainly on the nervous system, is a recognized subject as much by the medicine as by the psychology of the West. It prevents mental disorders or physical and nervous illnesses, and by means of it, one can even change his own character and state of mind.

The Hatha Yogi joins the use of both the techniques of pranayama (regulation of breath) along with the asanas (postures) to increase their effectiveness.

Hatha Yoga explains about the subtle centers of energy that are in our body, which are known as chakras and the connection that exists among these chakras and the important plexus, called nervous centers, that are part of our physical body. It also explains about the subtle channels of energy that are called nadis, which mobilize the prana (life force) in all its different manifestations.

One-to-one Yoga therapy is the most direct route to balancing and healing the body. After an initial diagnosis, a selection of yoga asanas is prescribed to target and strengthen weak areas and release the tight areas of the body which are over-functioning to compensate for these weaknesses. Specific breathing exercises and meditation practices may also be prescribed. Dietary and lifestyle recommendations are included as part of the prescription.

This form of therapy is ideally suited to anyone who wants to tackle entrenched chronic problems and more healthy people who have a strong desire to improve their health.

Yoga classes:
Yoga classes are conducted on a regular basis. Please contact the individual centres for class schedules and prices.