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K. R. I. Jagadish, or Jag as he is fondly known, was born in 1937 in Mysore. Growing up, he had the benefit of the teachings of his grandmother, Pavalamma, who was a Western-trained gynecologist as well as a fully-qualified Ayurvedic doctor. Together with his grandfather, who taught him the benefits of various herbs and foods, his grandparents imparted to him their knowledge of Ayurveda, yoga and nutrition. On his 19 th birthday, he was presented his very first patient, whom he successfully treated.

Soon after his marriage to Padma, he moved to Malaysia to broaden his horizons. In April 1967, he moved to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There, seeking treatment for a knee and ankle injury, he was introduced to Mr. Tay, a traditional Chinese medical practitioner. He was attracted to Mr. Tay's method of massage therapy, while Mr. Tay himself was fascinated by Jag's yoga knowledge, when he successfully treated Mr. Tay's daughter for a migraine headache. The fact that Mr. Tay spoke no English and Jag spoke no Chinese did not impede his learning, but served him to obtain a deeper understanding of the methods used. Mr. Tay imparted his skills to Jag and together with Padma, they used their knowledge to help others.

In 1978, Jag and his family moved to Brunei, and it was there that the first Jag Therapy clinic was set up. Padma and their four daughters, Lakshmi, Lata, Leka and Lovanya, supported him throughout, teaching yoga and helping him at the clinic.

Generous with their knowledge, Jag and Padma trained a generation of therapists and yoga teachers in Brunei, sharing their recipes and cooking skills. Their home was always filled with warmth and laughter, with students and patients passing through their door. At the urging of friends and patients (who were then known as the Jag Family), Jag produced his first book in 1992, Health Through Yoga and Diet. In 1994, Padma herself produced a recipe book containing her favourite vegetarian recipes. In 1999, Nature's Way: A Complete Guide to Health through Yoga & Herbal Remedies was published and that was followed by Health, Herbs and Harmony Nature's Way in 2004.

A thirst of knowledge has led Jag around the globe for further education. He obtained a degree in Advanced Herbology from the Southern Australian School of Herbal Medicine. At the 1998 World Health Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka, he was honoured with a Doctorate of Science in Alternative Medicine. He has been invited to give lectures around India. Jag has created his own holistic approach as a complement to allopathic (conventional, Western) medicine by combining his knowledge of Shiatsu, acupressure, aromatherapy, herbology, yoga therapy and nutrition.

Jag retired from active government service in 1995, but continued with Jag Therapy Brunei. For two (2) years, he found time to teach breathing exercises to primary school children in Brunei to increase their learning capacity. In 1999, his second book, Nature's Way: A Complete Guide to Health through Yoga & Herbal Remedies, was included in the curriculum of the College of Nursing, Brunei . He also trained four (4) nurses of the College of Nursing in the Jag Therapy method so that they could practice it in hospitals in Brunei Darussalam.

Later, at the urging of his father, Jag moved back to India to set up a branch of Jag Therapy in Mysore, Karnataka.

Jag has been a teacher all his life. He taught Mathematics and Physics in various government schools in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam and in his spare time then (now, full time), he taught yoga, nutrition and health. Through the years, Jag and Padma have trained numerous Jag Therapists, who are now practicing it various countries. Students seek him out still.

Nearing 70 years of age now, Jag, together with Padma, divide their time among the various Jag Therapy clinics around the world.