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Knowledge Corner
Shiatsu massage is a form of mind-body medicine. Its aim is to facilitate the creation of health by activating the mind-body's natural health maintenance systems and balancing the energy in the functional meridian system.

Shiatsu primarily uses a combination of body pressure, stretching and spinal manipulation to achieve this. Direct skin to skin contact is more likely to stimulate the body's sympathetic nervous system - the process necessary for the fight or flight response.

Shiatsu aims to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system whose function is system recuperation.

The treatment starts with diagnosis. The state of the mind-body's functional energy system is diagnosed by feeling the energy in the abdominal area - this area is called the hara by the Japanese, diagnosis of the pulses, tongue, and questioning.

Shiatsu is a means of facilitating this natural healing process. It works predominantly at the functional energy level by contacting the clients own functional energy system through the meridians.

Shiatsu is often confused with “feel good” massage because the practitioner works on the clients body using touch as the primary medium and because it makes people feel good. It is more a therapy than just a massage. Touch is the process by which the client becomes aware of themselves.

Shiatsu practitioners vary in their approach in dealing with clients.

In Jag Therapy, therapies like dietary and lifestyle changes, herbal medicines, corrective yoga therapy, breathing exercises, aroma therapy, meditation are included while using shiatsu treatment.