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Knowledge Corner
Jag Therapy is a combination of both Eastern and Western medical knowledge. A patient is treated through a combination of Western aromatherapy, Japanese Shiatsu, herbology, Chinese acupressure, Indian yoga and nutrition. Emphasis is on prevention, and for the patient to take charge of his or her own health.

Various Systems used in Jag Therapy:
  • Natural Healing Systems including Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Diet
  • Diagnostic Techniques for clues to hidden disorders
  • Supporting Therapies to complement, rather than replace, traditional therapies such as Therapeutic Massage, Acupressure & Aromatherapy
  • Self-Healing Methods, which offer ways in which people may be able to get relief, improve their health and stay well, like Techniques of Proper Breathing, Relaxation, Suitable Exercises using Yoga Postures & Visualisation for Relaxing the Mind
  • Hope Therapy by means of Counseling

The overall aim of Jag Therapy:
  • Is to increase understanding of all aspects of alternative medicine, and to provide a wider choice in the matter of health care
  • To bring awareness about the Natural Approach to proper health through diet, exercise and in general, the management of life itself
  • To emphasise the idea: “Prevention is better than cure”