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Jag Therapy Brunei Darussalam

Jag Therapy Brunei is a culmination of 30 years of healing and helping. It has its roots in a small government-issued flat in Jalan Melabau, where Jag and Padma helped everyone that came through their door. It was here that Yoga was first brought to Brunei Darussalam and made popular, long before the art became fashionable. The concept of holistic healing was also introduced to the people and that was where the name “Jag Therapy” was coined. No matter where it was based, Jag Therapy became known as the place to go for healing of the mind, body and soul.

Whether it was for yoga, vegetarian cooking, or treatment, the clinic was always filled with the company of neighbours, friends and patients. These people came to be called the Jag Family.

Upon the retirement of Jag from active government service in 1995, Jag Therapy Brunei has come to settle in its present location in Kampung Salambigar. It is currently being managed by his son-in-law, Arjun Urs and the present Jag Family.

Jag Therapy Mysore

The Sri K.R.I. Jagadish Charitable Trust was set up to provide people access to alternative healing methods. Jag Therapy Mysore was first started in 1996, operating out of a house. Over the years, the clinic has moved from one rented place to another. But thanks to the generosity of Mr. S. Vijayakumar of Vishakapatnam, Andra Pradesh, India, together with other donors and volunteers, a brand new centre, equipped with three (3) therapy rooms, a hydrotherapy room and a yoga hall, was completed in 2005. On 17 September 2005, the Jag Therapy Centre, Mysore, was inaugurated.

Treatment is provided by Jag and his team of volunteers.