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Jag Therapy incorporates soft tissue manipulation, yoga therapy, massage therapy using essential oils, herbal treatment, advice on diet, chakra balancing, pranic healing, Hatha yoga, Vinayasa Ashtanga Yoga and Bach Flower remedies.

Individuals with a variety of conditions and illnesses can benefit significantly from Jag Therapy:

* Stress and the inability to relax * Insomnia * High Blood Pressure * Digestive Problems e.g. gastritis * Joints and Tendon Problems * Torn Muscles * Respiratory Problems e.g. Asthmas, Sinusitis, Coughs, Bronchitis * Arthritis * Kidney and Liver Problems * Neck Problems * Shoulder Problems * Lower Back Pain * Sciatica * Female Problems * Skin Problems e.g. Psoriasis * Neuralgia and many others

For further details, please see the About Us and Therapies section.